Ciri Love Bird Betina Birahi

Love birds are a popular pet bird species in Indonesia. They are small, colorful, and known for their loving behavior towards their mate. However, it can be challenging to identify the gender of love birds, especially when it comes to their sexual behavior. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of a female love bird that is sexually active or birahi.


The first thing to notice about a female love bird in birahi is her appearance. When in heat, the female love bird's cere or the area above her beak will turn a deep shade of brown. This color change is more apparent in some species than others, but it is a reliable indicator of a sexually active female.

In addition to the cere color change, a female love bird in birahi may also appear more active and energetic than usual. She may flap her wings and chirp more often, displaying a more playful and lively personality.

Lastly, a sexually active female love bird may also be more demanding of her mate's attention. She may become more affectionate and clingy, following her mate around and preening him more often.


The behavior of a female love bird in birahi can also be quite different from her usual self. One of the most apparent changes is her increased vocalization. She may chirp and whistle more frequently, especially when around her mate or other love birds.

Another behavior change in a sexually active female love bird is her increased interest in nesting activities. She may start to gather nesting materials, such as twigs, grass, and feathers, and try to build a nest in her cage or aviary.

A female love bird in birahi may also display more territorial behavior, especially towards other females. She may become more aggressive, trying to protect her mate and her nesting area from intruders.

Feeding Habits

Lastly, a sexually active female love bird's feeding habits may also change during her breeding season. She may eat more frequently and consume more calcium-rich foods, such as cuttlefish bone and eggshells, to support her egg-laying process.

It is essential to provide your female love bird with a nutritious and balanced diet during her breeding season to ensure her and her offspring's health.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, identifying a sexually active female love bird is crucial for proper breeding management and care. By observing their appearance, behavior, and feeding habits, you can determine if your female love bird is in birahi and provide her with the necessary care and attention she needs.

Remember, love birds are social and loving creatures that require proper care, attention, and affection to thrive. Keep them in a suitable environment, provide them with a nutritious diet, and give them plenty of love and attention to ensure their happiness and well-being.

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